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hopefully my absence was missed by all of you.....riteee......=)

well i been working and hanging out...intersting huh??

I also cut my hair into a bunch of layers and will be platinum blonde soo soon......maybe i can be one of those big boob blonde modelsss.....yes! thats my plan

anyways I need my now I'm poor I need to start a foundation called I NEED A FUCKING CAR....anything kinda of currency or credit cards are accepted! =)

now i shall stop ramble and by the way who are you mr. or mrs. last reply on my last journal entry.....i must say that if you are the guy holding up the dollar in those pics in ur site i say your sexy =)....if not please disregard the last thing said

with that I got to bed much love to everyone and my dark beauty bethany lol i saw you last night your hair looks terrific....your clothes well i couldnt say the same rodeo chick =)....poor ruby tuesday kidsss......those jeans really have to go...=)

<3 Steph
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