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So I been reading the whole post of make a confession or type a secret type of I decided to make my own, if you are reading this (I don't care if you know me personally or not) write about how you view yourself...and then write how you view me...that should be fun please keep the "bitch" comments to yourself you do not need to state the obvious =)

Anyways I have 2 class sessions left to finish this term..and I got an A and a B+, so I think.... then I have a one month vacation I need to fill this void up..anyone volunteers to be my december buddies? =) I'll be nice to you ..........hmm yes
anyways I need a new hole for my belt if anyone has mastered the skill of making holes in man made leather I NEED YOU, i will give you a dollar to make one.....
hmm ohh that reminds me I also will hire anyone that knows how to dye hair...uhh I had to go to work so the bleach didnt exactly set in so now I look like rainbow brite I have green, blue, blond, black, light brown, and red ...the shame I lived through today someone was mean enough to say my hair looked "awsome" yea fuck you buddy....
I also will pay to see that Paris Hilton tape....

anyways I'm pretty bored right now since i'm at my dad's shop he's being mean and keeping me here without nothing to do, but I shall go eat taco bell.. =)

<3 Steph
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