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SO I woke up around 6:30 am, and got ready and got to work and go out around 4pm so it was entertaining, a lot of british people came in today.....**melts** I LOVE THEIR ACCENT....I have my own british accent but it sounds like a genetic experiment gone wrong =)

Anyways I went shopping got myself a new pink scarf and some pink 80's earrings that i have to scotch tape to my tunnels....damn gettho jlo style
ALSO got myself a new silk and lace shirt.....its soo soft and hot I'm going to wear saturday for work.

Anyways some stupid kid was on the bus i took home and he sat next to me "do you like emo" me-no 'I like emo' me=good for you buddy! I look emo?...please tell me now so I can go shoot myself in the face

SO on a sadder note than the one above I dont celebrate thanksgiving, or eat sucks because while everyone is stuffing their face with good food my parents will end up buying chinesse...I LIKE TURKEY i need turkey.......=( Sometimes I hate being spanish.....ohh I like mash potatoes too =(

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