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WANTED AD(created by the lil mama's aka Steph and Julie)

18 spanish female seeks guys with the following characteristics:
-Hopeless Romantic
-Tall Metal or Punk boy
-NO MUSTACHES!!!!!!...goatees, small beards and sideburns are warmly welcomed
-NO Cigaratte smokers (dont mind the good ol herb)
-Not fat (some muscle is a must, too much causes fuss)
-Into Disney movies and Johnny Depp (maybe Keanu reeves, but thats a maybe)
-Hopeless Romantic...
-Someone that will dedicate me a song or make me a mix tape (including the song from armageddon aerosmith "i don't want to miss a thing" **sighs**)
-Someone that will give me flowers, candy and some good ol' fashion know what I mean **cough cough**
-Somebody that at one point in their life admitted they were really retarted
-Tongue piercings are plus, body modification a must
-Good Manners needs big mama's approval
-Someone that will listen to my music without bitching about it
-Someone that will sing along my music
-No emo boys PLEASE (sorry no dashboard confessional fans)
-Someone with a fashion sense and more belt buckles than me
-Someone goofy like me that will laugh at mines and julie's jokes
-Needs small mama's approval aka Julie
-Someone that will make the first move, pronto!
-Someone that wil wrestle me and let me win
-Someone that will hold my hand even infront his friends
-No drama please.......take your drama somewhere else
-Someone with feelings
-Someone that will fantasize about me without guilt
-Guys that wear make up make me drool =) especially eyeliner and mascara
-Someone that will give me hickeys
-Someone that will let me paint their nails
-Someone that is not afraid to kiss me in Public-Someone that is not afraid to kiss me in general
-Somone that could watch me sleep soundly
-Someone thats not in high school.....
-Someone that will love to just lay on my twin bed
-Someone that will sporadically come up with plans, and its always available for me to give love too =)
-Someone that will say I love you anytime when he means it, not just only in any illicit acts
-Someone that likes me not because my boobs have soo much to offer
-Someone that will look for me,visit me, call me (maybe idolize me) whenever he feels like it without feeling embarresed.

If more information is needed please check the profile or inquire through comments, Crackheads need not apply.

Lil mama's wanted ad

This was brought to you by Wal-Mart and the letter D for Desperate
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