Sometimes It's Better not knowing at all (dysthymia71) wrote,
Sometimes It's Better not knowing at all

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9 hours at work with platform shoes= not good

had some old guy hitting on me....ugh maybe he didnt realize I could be his grandaughter... then some kids came in and stared at me and giggled like they were 12 year old girls, and kept trying to hit on me....ewwwwww young ripe boys not what I need right now.

Hmm I need to go shopping tomorrow, and end this holiday mess.....I have everything picked out I just need to buy it...then I save the rest of my paycheck so I can get my license and actually have money when I need i

<3 Steph


It's cold, I want to go to the beach again, seems it would be nice.....


I hate goosebumps


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